“Cooee … Miiiichaaaaael …”

Mike was still stumbling and climbing with no particular plan in mind when he was halted by a faint but unmistakable cooee at his back. He had lost all count of time and looking over his shoulder was surprised to see the Picnic Grounds diminished to a patch of pink  and gold light between the trees. Again he heard the cooee, louder and more insistent. For the first time since leaving Albert at midday he remembered his promise to rejoin him at  the pool no later than four o’clock. It was already half past five. From a pigskin notebook in his pocket he tore out several leaves and carefully stuck them on to the twigs of a bush of mountain laurel, where he left them hanging in the calm evening air like little white flags, and retraced his steps down to the creek. Albert awaiting him with a mug of tea had nothing of any interest to report : had seen nothing out of the ordinary and was itching to get back to Lake View and his evening meal. ‘Jeez, I began to think you was lost. What the hell was you doing up there all that long?’
‘Just looking’… I put some little flags on a bush out’ my pocket book so I could find it again.’ (4)


Michael (Dominic Guard) places a leaf from his pigskin notebook on a twig before heading back down the Rock to rejoin Albert (John Jarratt).

Michael under the Hanging Rock

pigskin leaf

michael leaves

The Location

Dominic Guard was standing beneath “The Hanging Rock” which is a specific rock formation inside the Hanging Rock reserve.

the hanging rock 2 2014

the hanging rock 2014

the hanging rock sign


You’ll find “The Hanging Rock” marked as number 5 in the Hanging Rock Information Brochure.


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