Sgt. Bumpher (Wyn Roberts) and Const. Jones (Garry McDonald) are searching for the missing school girls.

Sgt. Bumpher and Const. Jones search

They stand outside a cave, raise a loudhailer, and yell “hello!”

Sgt. Bumpher and Const. Jones raise their loudhailer and yell

There is no response, and they move on.

The Location

This scene was filmed at the same “Ring of stones” where Irma (Karen Robson) is eventually found by Albert (John Jarratt).

Bumpher and Jones 1975 vs 2015

While Joan Lindsay referred to the place where Irma is found as a “Ring of stones” (10) the production team referred to this place as “higher slopes” (11).

What else was filmed here?

While it’s not immediately obvious this was also the location where Irma (Karen Robson) is eventually found unconscious by Albert (John Jarratt). The dual location can also be confirmed by the production call sheet for day 10 that shows John Jarratt and Karen Robson working at the “higher slopes” earlier on the same day (11).

How to find the “Ring of stones” where Bumpher and Jones searched

If you visit the reserve and stand facing the sign that says “The Saddle” (at point 8 on the map below) then the “ring of stones” location is approximately 50 – 80 metres away through the bush behind you. The approximate location is marked as “X” on the park map below.