Producing “Picnic” Pat Lovell

Pat Lovell Executive Producer of Picnic at Hanging Rock   Source: Cinema Papers March-April 1976 photo by Gordon Glenn

A rare interview with Picnic at Hanging Rock producer Pat Lovell has been discovered in an old edition of Cinema Papers magazine (16). Published in March-April 1976 Producing “Picnic” reveals Lovell’s comprehensive management of a film credited with the local industry’s resurgence.

Her interest began in 1971 after reading Joan Lindsay’s novel and expanded to buying an option for the book, finding investors, creating a unique corporate structure to team up with the McElroy brothers, managing the film’s budget, casting crew and actors, and general control.

The interview also divulges the reason behind using foreign actors for some key roles.

Lovell still had to do other things outside the movie industry to stop herself from going broke despite working 18 hour days to keep the project going.

Unfortunately Cinema Papers was shut down for good in 2001 so the copyright status of this article is uncertain. They are placed here for their historical and academic significance.

Producing “Picnic” Cinema Papers March-April 1976, 298-299 (click image for full size)

Producing “Picnic” Cinema Papers March-April 1976, 300-301 (click image for full size)

Producing “Picnic” Cinema Papers March-April 1976, 377 (click image for full size)


A print-friendly pdf of the entire article can be downloaded by clicking the edition’s front cover below.

Front Cover: Drew Forsythe as Sonny and Helen Morse as the barmaid in Don Crombie‘s soon to be released Caddie. (Photograph by Geoff Neild, courtesy of Anthony Buckley Productions).